Making Big Data Small

GE and Facebook Make Health and Fitness Social with HealthyShare

GE and Facebook have partnered to create HealthyShare, an app that tracks your health and fitness goals, encouraging you along the way by sharing your progress on your Facebook timeline.

How will you #makeitcount in 2012?

January 1st of any given year, is the first day for people all over the world to start working on their New Year's resolutions. For Nike, they decided to build a support system for people to achieve those resolutions.

A Digital Rolling Stone 3.0 – Composition in the Digital Age

In this installment of A Digital Rolling Stone, we analyze the composition and creation of music in the digital age via several case studies.

The Great Race to Brand the Clouds

The benefits of technology and more specifically the internet, seem to be endless: information and data accessibility, entertainment, commerce, ease of communication, etc. For me, technology is attractive because it makes our lives easier to navigate. The innovation of cloud computing has made this even more apparent. The idea of syncing all of your files (photos, music, documents, etc.) and having accessibility wherever you are, is absolutely amazing.

Subculture and Brand Experience

Hidden in Boston, you will find Bodega, a boutique, hip hop shoe and apparel store. When I visited the store I was amazed to say the least. From the street, Bodega looks like exactly what you would expect, a bodega or convenience store adorned with laundry detergent, paper towel, cereal and other items displayed in the window. As you walk in the store, you focus on the cash register and counter that dominate the room, but as you look to the back of the store you will see a soda machine and if you stand in front of it, you will be granted access to Bodega.

The Nike+ Human Race

When Nike and Apple created the Nike+iPod device, I'm not quite sure if they knew the exact impact that it would have on the brand. Not only does the product balance form (simple, modern design) and function (allowing users to track the elapsed time of the workout, the distance traveled, pace, or calories burned), but it also fosters a growing relationship with the consumer through an engaging brand experience. The Nike+iPod website (developed by R/GA) is compelling in both design and functionality.