2010 SXSW Interactive Festival Speaker and Panel

I am proud to announce that my panel idea, “Big Brother in Your Brain: Neuroscience and Marketing,” has been selected as a panel at the 2010 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in March in Austin, Texas. SXSW received more than 2,300 proposals via the SXSW PanelPicker submission process, a unique digital interface that allows the public to vote and provide feedback directly on panel proposals. My panel will be one of over 400 sessions included in SXSW 2010 and among the best of the best; including discussions led by innovators such as Clay Shirky and Chris Brogan and thought-provoking panels led by speakers from companies such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook; digital advertising agencies such as R/GA and Razorfish; and brilliant organizations such as TED. Many of the speakers and panels for the 2010 event have already been confirmed. I am very thankful to all those that voted for my idea during the voting process and to Modernista! and Marcus Thomas for supporting me during the process and allowing me to continue focusing on this amazing opportunity – I am very excited and proud to be included in the SXSW 2010 Interactive Festival.

The next step will be to solidify the speakers in my panel and I will announce each of those speakers as I receive confirmation and approval by the SXSW committee. In the meantime, if you aren’t familiar with my panel idea, “Big Brother in Your Brain: Neuroscience and Marketing,” it will focus on the convergence of neuroscience and marketing. With the advent of neuromarketing, neuroscientist and researchers have been directing their expertise to marketing, using MRIs to analyze consumers’ brain activity when exposed to different stimuli. And companies like Google are using mathematics to develop advertising solutions. Will digital marketers become scientists and mathematicians or will creativity triumph? Questions that will be answered during the panel include:

  1. What is cognitive neuroscience?
  2. How is cognitive neuroscience being applied to interactive marketing and advertising?
  3. What is neuromarketing?
  4. Is the Google model for paid search killing creativity?
  5. How does creativity affect the consumer’s rational and emotional responses?
  6. How can interactive marketing be designed to effectively influence behavior using creativity based on neuroscience?
  7. What are the arguments for creativity vs. science (mathematical formulas) in influencing consumer behavior?
  8. Is interactive advertising an art or science, or both?
  9. How are MRIs being used to influence consumer behavior?
  10. How is cognitive neuroscience being applied to the selling of music, movies and technology?

The source of my inspiration and hints of what is to come, can be found in my blog post, The Convergence of Cognitive Neuroscience and Marketing. If you want to experience the wealth of innovative, inspirational and thought-provoking content live and in person at SXSW, register now for the 2010 SXSW Interactive Festival.