More Retail in Cleveland – Coming Soon – But Not Without Your Help

I’m a big fan of some of the city’s development projects – The Ohio City Market District (lord knows we need more retail in and around the city core), for one – and we all know that what will allow for projects like this one to be successful is the community’s participation and patronage.  Not just in our city but all around the country retailers have been struggling in the last few years to keep afloat as the recession took it’s toll.  As we ease into the holiday season I remind myself just as I remind you that every dollar spent is a vote for more of whatever you’re purchasing.  Want more locally-owned retailers to sprout roots in your city?  Then shop local.  Some events/other ideas in this vein:

  • Consider participating in the 3/50 Project this year.  Simple idea – highly effective when a lot of us partake.
  • Buy your personalized holiday cards from a local vendor like, say, Invitations & Calligraphy by Sally Bram.  Okay, okay shameless plug for my mom’s biz, however, if she wasn’t the best stationer/hand calligrapher I couldn’t in good faith recommend her on my blog.  Plus, she discounts + I’m all about helping others to save money (especially during the holiday season…).
  • Look out for major sales.  For example, in the past Brigade (one of my favorite clothing retailers in town) has held a killer sale right around Thanksgiving weekend.  I’ve scored serious goodies as handsome discounts.

There are so many options for great local shopping around the holidays…feel free to share your favorites.  Happy (local) shopping!