Smart Growth for Cities

Today, 3.6 billion people live in cities around the world. However, by 2030, 5 billion people, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. In effort to better understand how we can improve cities, McKinsey & Company conducted an in-depth research study, interviewing 30 stakeholders, including mayors and other city government officials, in cities on four continents. Their efforts resulted in a report titled “How to Make a City Great” that reveals the best practices civic leaders must adopt in order to improve processes and services from urban planning to financial management and social housing. The best practices fall into three categories:

Achieve Smart Growth

“Cities must invest in infrastructure that reduces emissions, waste production and water use, as well as in building high-density communities.”

Do More with Less

“Private–public partnerships can deliver lower-cost, higher-quality infrastructure and services.”

Win Support for Change

“Successful city leaders must build a high-performing team of civil servants, creating a working environment where everyone is accountable … They must take steps to recruit and retain top talent, emphasize collaboration, and train civil servants in the use of technology.”

How to Make a City Great

Download the McKinsey & Company “How to Make a City Great” research report here.

Source: McKinsey & Company