The Nike+ Human Race

When Nike and Apple created the Nike+iPod device, I’m not quite sure if they knew the exact impact that it would have on the brand. Not only does the product balance form (simple, modern design) and function (allowing users to track the elapsed time of the workout, the distance traveled, pace, or calories burned), but it also fosters a growing relationship with the consumer through an engaging brand experience. The Nike+iPod website (developed by R/GA) is compelling in both design and functionality.

Now with The Nike+ Human Race 10K on 08.31.08, runners that have Nike+iPod will be able to run in one of the 25 global race cities or run where they are. Runners also get to select the non-profit (The UN Refugee Agency, Lance Armstrong Foundation and The WWF) that they will run for and Nike will make a donation in their name. On the Nike+ website and YouTube Channel (The Nike+ Human Race YouTube Channel) you can view all of the videos Nike created to promote the event. Everyone from Kanye West to Lance Armstrong are featured.

All of these promotional elements are integrated to augment the brand image. This event alone takes this product to a different level. Nike is strengthening their relationship with current Nike+iPod users as well as securing new users around the world. All of which will continue to use the product and service long after the event is over. As runners train with Nike+iPod they will create a connection with the brand. This is further supported by the non-profit association. On the actual race day, runners are encouraged to purchase official Human Race apparel to show that they are part of the global race. And of course there is the integration with iTunes where you can download workout playlists. All of these elements strengthen the intensity of the event and augment the brand.

On a personal note, I will be running The Nike+ Human Race on 08.31.08. This is a brand experience I can’t miss.