The Root of Success

Source: Scott Suttell, Crain’s Cleveland Business. 

“Cleveland is an above-average performer when it comes to the share of its workers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, according to a new analysis from The Brookings Institution. As of 2011, 26 million U.S. jobs — 20% of all jobs — require a high level of knowledge in any one STEM field, Brookings says. STEM jobs have more than doubled as a share of all jobs since the Industrial Revolution, from less than 10% in 1850 to 20% now, according to the study. (I’d have thought it would have increased more than that. Shows what I know.). In the Cleveland, Elyria and Mentor MSA, 21.3% of jobs are in STEM fields, Brookings finds. A strong share of STEM-related jobs is critical, according to Brookings, because “half of all STEM jobs are available to workers without a four-year college degree, and these jobs pay $53,000 on average — a wage 10 percent higher than jobs with similar educational requirements.”