Thinking Cities

We’ve been daydreaming and dreaming about the future of Cleveland since Hallie’s first day back in the city and my first day ever in the city. It’s our passion to understand current urbanization trends and adapt those best practices to our city. We all need to understand these trends, because each of us will be affected and more importantly, some trends may reflect your passions in life allowing you to get involved and not only voice your opinion, but actively participate in the future of Cleveland. Before you can do this, you need to understand those trends, a documentary called Networked Society does an excellent job of revealing this information.

As we enter a new era of mobility, an emerging mindset is creating endless opportunities that are limited only by our imaginations. Technology has enabled us to interact, innovate and share knowledge in entirely new ways – creating a dynamic shift in mindset. People are empowered, business is liberated and society is more connected than ever. At Ericsson, we’re just beginning to explore the possibilities of a Networked Society.

The urbanization trends featured in this documentary rely on information and communication technology (ICT) immensely. There are also a few excellent case studies to illustrate the trend.

  1. The Science of Cities
  2. The Talking City (Case Study: Trash Track Project)
  3. The Social City (Case Study: Citizens Connect)
  4. The Smart City (Case Study: Stockholm Royal Seaport)

The contributing experts are:

The documentary analyzes the cities of Stockholm and Boston in regard to the trends identified throughout the documentary. Our hope is to bring these innovations to Cleveland and we know you share the same hopes and dreams for the city we all love. What lessons can we learn from this? And how can we reinvent Cleveland together?