“What do you love about Cleveland?!”

A question my east coast comrades would pose from time to time during my tenure in Boston. The ever-so-popular follow up question was, “Wait, you want to move back? To Cleveland?” – a sheer expression of bafflement spread across their judgey mcjudge faces.

No matter my explanation, oozing with genuine love for a city I had left (with no intention of returning to at the time – a year later my tune had changed significantly after seeing what shade that greener grass actually was), it was hard to convey the energy of the city. So, great, Cleveland’s got some good restaurants, they have the arts. The common misconception was (and is, for that matter in many circles) that we lack a thriving creative community – especially in the city. The people – the boots-on-the-ground stories. There were few visuals that I could share.

So, you can imagine my jubilation at seeing these recent videos from The Downtown Cleveland Alliance:

FINALLY. Visuals to corroborate my narrative. And, more importantly, for the first time in a long, looooooooooong time I feel that there is a civic organization (DCA) that is employing smart marketing tactics + is showing the city in the way it should be depicted. Bravo! The Cleveland of these videos is the Cleveland worth promoting, worth celebrating, and worth building upon. It validates those of us who have made the decision to come back and be a part of this vibrant city as it reemerges and, more importantly, cheers us on as we roll up our sleeves and continue to take this city by her boot straps and collectively shape the Cleveland of tomorrow.