The numbers are astounding – 48% of eligible voters in Cuyahoga County choose to not vote in last year’s election. Project 48 is more than just a campaign; it’s a movement that seeks to shed light on the 48% of our neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens who didn’t participate in the last election.

A Statement from shark&minnow

At shark&minnow, our mission is to make the complex simple through empathy, invention and partnership. We are driven by curiosity and wonder and aim to transform the human experience for all through every project. This campaign was designed to draw intrigue and inspire the citizens of Northeast Ohio to do something that an astonishing 48% of people didn’t do last year: vote.


Project 48 is not just about voting; it’s about understanding, connecting, and creating positive change together. We are committed to education, inspiration, and inclusivity. 

We provide resources, information, and tools to empower you with knowledge about the voting process, local governance, and the profound impact of your participation.

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We share stories of fellow citizens who were once part of the 48% but have found their voice and purpose. Their journeys inspire us all.

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Project 48 is an inclusive space where everyone is welcome, regardless of their political affiliations. It’s about us, not just red or blue.

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Take a stand. Make your voice heard.  Voting isn’t just a right; it’s a privilege, a responsibility, and a way to shape the world around you. Here’s your chance to be part of something bigger, something powerful. Pledge to Vote today, then download the sharable social media graphics and spread the word about Project 48 to be a driving force for change. 

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