Change the Tide.


The method of defining significance, or the positive effect on the cause, and innovation, the unique and relevant approach for achieving defined goals. We are the creative problem solvers that simplify the process for you and activate your brand strategy.


A good story can make a campfire that much eerier. A good story can flip a conversation at a party from completely awkward to wonderful. A good story can glue your nose to a book. And, on screen, a good story can rivet generation after generation. So, how do you tell one?


The thoughtful expression of conceptual ideas in the form of visual elements to define purpose and achieve desired outcomes improving the human experience.


We reveal actionable insights that educate, inform and inspire, fostering the perfect environment for enlightened creativity and innovation. However, the analysis doesn’t end there. We  track and monitor brand health metrics in order to calibrate as needed and optimize performance, delivering your desired ROI.

The Undercurrent of Innovation