Working Lunch

A video series that celebrates creative women and how to empower your business.


Join Hallie Kogelschatz and the women of shark&minnow in Working Lunch, a campaign celebrating Women’s History Month 2022. Throughout the month we discussed taking your business to the next level, shared tips for success, and tied the series off with a new episode of Open Swim featuring a candid conversation between the women of shark&minnow. Scroll below to explore the installments!

Episode One // Attract & Retain Employees

Episode Two // The Role of the CEO

2022 shark&minnow Life Optimization Check List

One of the questions I find myself – and other busy leaders – constantly trying to evaluate and solve is how we can make the most of our limited time, both in and out of the office. Our team thought it would be helpful to compile a list of ideas, life hacks, and best practices for maximizing efficiency.

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Open Swim: Women's History Month

The women of shark&minnow gather to discuss being a woman in the modern workplace, as well as share their experiences navigating burnout, TikTok trends, and career aspirations.

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