Brian Andrew Jasinski

Chief Design Officer

Brian Andrew Jasinski is the graphic designer and illustrator behind the brand known as Grey Cardigan. His work is featured both locally through various retail venues, and nationally – as in the Martha Stewart American Made program, and the Blue Moon Brewing Co.’s 20th Anniversary Limited Edition packs – in which Brian was one of 20 national artists chosen to appear on limited edition labels. His work draws inspiration from twentieth mid-century modern design aesthetics of form, composition, pattern and tone – often portraying an integrated synergy of figures, flora and fauna. Brian is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art in which he received an Agnes Gund Traveling Scholarship, and is a 2011 recipient of the Cuyahoga Partnership for Arts + Culture Fellowship Award. He has designed for institutions and organizations ranging from hospitals, breweries, artisans, photographers, IT companies and non-profit groups.

Director of Design, shark&minnow

Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Grey Cardigan

Cleveland Institute of Art Alumnus