Backbeats for December 2020

For the past few months, shark&minnow has shared a multitude of beats and rhythms to which our days move and groove.⁣

In this season of giving, we decided to turn the tables, turn up the speakers, and assign our clients to share the 5 songs that one is guaranteed to find on their playlist. #Backbeats Gifted features a curated collection that is as diverse and dynamic as the roster of clients with whom we are honored to work with day to day! ⁣

About Backbeats

Each month, we will publish a playlist of the top 50 tracks rated by shark&minnow from a wide range of artists and genres that have inspired us.

As a source for creativity – Music improves cognition, enhances learning, memory and divergent thinking. These are just a few of the reasons why our team listens to music throughout the day. These revolving beats also set the cadence to which our days move.