Backbeats for January 2021

The soundtrack to a broken heart allows us to tune in and turn to those songs that console, empathize and empower. Music is a salve that lifts the melancholy and presses fast forward to a better track.

No one was sad to see the past year expire, and we are SO breaking up with 2020. To celebrate, this month’s Backbeats is spinning songs to kick up your heels to, while you kick those bad memories and broken hearts to the curb!

About Backbeats

Each month, we will publish a playlist of the top 50 tracks rated by shark&minnow from a wide range of artists and genres that have inspired us.

As a source for creativity – Music improves cognition, enhances learning, memory and divergent thinking. These are just a few of the reasons why our team listens to music throughout the day. These revolving beats also set the cadence to which our days move.