Talking #AudibleIdeas at Eaton Corporation

We have the distinct pleasure of working with many clients where the challenge is not creating a brand/product story, but helping them to find a brand-right way of telling that story to their various audiences. It’s no surprise to most of our clients that content, to use a cliche, is king. What often times is a bit of a culture shift is helping them to find their voice in a way that is entertaining, valuable & meaningful to their constituencies.

We are passionate about brand storytelling – which is why it was an honor to share our thinking with our friends at Eaton during one of their internal Toastmasters International Lunch & Learns. We discussed our thoughts on big ideas & how to showcase them in presentation form (as well as how to leverage those stories for content marketing purposes in the digital space, allowing for shareability), using examples from our past/current clients as well as how we coach TEDx speakers on preparing for their talks.



This presentation presented some good opportunities to share best practices & address questions from the group to help them think about the best way to articulate their ideas (for business or personal purposes).




Check out our thinking here:

Our gracious host, Courtney Beall (President of Toastmasters at Eaton), also took time out of her day to give us a tour of Eaton’s beautiful new home.eaton_collage


The art is really interesting, we couldn’t resist a few photo opps!

Clockwise: 1) A colorful display of paper butterflies near the reception desk represent all the countries where Eaton has employees. The size and number of butterflies are proportional to the number of people employed. 2) The Eaton Center Experience Center, where messaging is focused on how Eaton’s products, solutions and employees are helping people around the world use everyday products more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. 3) Biegart & Funk, Schwabisch Gmund handmand custom clocks for Eaton depicting current time in 10 different countries. 4) Eaton’s expansive & beautifully constructed new headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

A big thank you to the Eaton team for having shark&minnow out for the day. We can’t wait to see the way you bring your ideas to life!