Fashion, TV Commercials & The Future of Search – Episode 2

In this episode, the thinkers, creators and storytellers at shark&minnow discuss fashion week and fall fashion, the best TV commercials from Super Bowl LI and the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and the future of search. Open Swim is a podcast that explores emerging trends in business, marketing, design and culture. Open Swim is brought to you by shark&minnow, a strategic marketing and business consulting firm that makes the complex simple. Find us on the web at and on Twitter and Instagram we are @sharkandminnow Sign up for our newsletter to get new episodes and more. Email us with comments and questions at

Audio & Music Credits:
“Fashion” by David Bowie
“Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch
“I Will Not Bow to Any Sponsor” from Wayne’s World
“Calvin Klein” from Back to the Future
“I Don’t Need to See That” from The Comeback
“Accelerated Mobile Pages Project” from Google AMP