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Air, Rail, Road & Water

The Economic Outlook

Annually, the U.S. imports $3.9 trillion and exports $3.0 trillion dollars of cargo. Despite rising inflation, the looming recession, and coastal port congestion, it is projected that global trade will increase year-over-year.

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Moving Forward

As shipper behavior evolves to alleviate the effects of the pandemic, looming recession, and supply chain disruption, so will the strategies of shippers. Transportation value chains will become more flexible, distributed and nimble with a greater focus on transparency, performance and reliability.

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The Shipping & Logistics Outlook with 7 Shipping Trends and the Transportation Sales Marketing Playbook.

Industry Expertise

Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

With a combined 30+ years of experience in transportation, logistics and automotive marketing – this industry is a part of the company’s DNA. The firm has envisioned, enacted and enabled many brands in the past decade for organizations throughout the country and across the globe from Nashville to Norfolk and São Paulo to Rotterdam.

We have a deep passion for multimodal transportation (i.e. water, road, rail or air) as well as logistics (freight forwarders, 3PLs, warehousing, etc.) and the facets that make this industry world-class.

Awards & Accolades

  • American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) AIGA Design 730 Awards: Winner – Integrated Campaign
  • Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) TMSA Compass Awards: Award of Merit – Events
  • American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) AAPA Communications Awards: Award of Distinction – Special Events


A selection of case studies that changed the tide for our clients in the shipping and logistics industry.

Shipping & Logistics

The modern shipping container, developed over 60 years ago by Malcom McLean, was an innovative solution that disrupted shipping, transportation and supply chains across the world. Prior to containerized shipping, international cargoes were loaded and unloaded from ships slowly and in inconsistent and ineffective ways. By standardizing the container size and dimensions, McLean’s invention rapidly expedited the shipping process, allowing containers from ships to be moved to rail and trucks directly, and ultimately moved to the final destination.

The evolution of shipping continued under the leadership of creative disruptors that respected the same vision as McLean. Now, the revolution of transportation continues today with globalization and shipper consolidation as well as smart technology and eCommerce. These dynamic forces reveal new opportunities to optimize performance and profitability, however only strategic, design thinkers will succeed. Companies that can effectively implement digital transformation strategies, sustain global brands and improve the customer experience across modal marketing channels will preserve the trust and loyalty of its customers and their wallets.