Pratt Intermodal Chassis

Design // Brand Identity System, Brand Brochure & Product Sell Sheets
Motion & Sound // Brand Videos

The Client

Pratt Intermodal Chassis is a manufacturer of lightweight, high-strength intermodal chassis. For over 30 years, Pratt has constantly improved its standard chassis models and simultaneously developed new, innovative models.  All this is possible through advanced engineering, the latest manufacturing techniques, and the use of high-quality top-grade materials.

In 2021, Pratt was acquired by the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC). The goal of this acquisition was to ensure the critical manufacturing component of intermodal chassis is on-demand – empowering NACPC to provide efficient chassis supplies, especially in such a demanding supply chain environment.

After shark&minnow successfully re-designed the brand identity for the NACPC in 2012, NACPC selected shark&minnow again in 2021 to re-launch Pratt Intermodal Chassis.

The Challenge

To reimagine the brand identity of Pratt Intermodal Chassis following the merger and acquisition (M&A), and develop an engaging content marketing campaign leveraging the power of video to share the story of Pratt, attract the next generation of workforce, and present a compelling case study featuring customer testimonial to drive sales inquiries.

The Solution

Brand Identity System



Brand Anthem Video

Workforce Video

Case Study & Testimonial Video

Brand Brochure & Product Sell Sheets