A Wonderful Designer and Dear Friend

Our friendship with Brian Jasinski started at Dinner with Strangers created by Danielle DeBoe of Room Service and Dredgers Union. Since then, we have become great friends. We love Brian as a dear friend and are always inspired by his amazing work.

Hallie and I love his work so much, that I had to ask Brian if he could help me create the best wedding gift ever! Hallie and I first met working at Modernista! The photo below is from a holiday party at Modernista! You would never know from the photo, but we were just friends and this was the first time we ever danced together. I love this photo so much! It’s something I will always cherish. However, Hallie doesn’t love this photo as much as I do, because what you can’t see in the cropped version of the photo below, is that her dress kept tearing from us dancing so much! I told her that I was going to print this photo as big as I possibly could and hang it in our living room, but she said I couldn’t because of  the slit. So that’s when I called Brian.

The Inspiration

The Grey Cardigan

Brian created this amazing print for us. I gave it to Hallie at our rehearsal dinner a year ago – our wedding anniversary is coming up on August 14th! It was the perfect gift, one we will both cherish for years to come. All thanks to the wonderful Brian Jasinski.

If you haven’t seen the Community Partnership for Arts & Culture video of Brian recognizing his accomplishments as an artist and 2011 Creative Workforce Fellow, then we hope you will watch it and enjoy seeing a true craftsman at work. If you aren’t familiar with the Creative Workforce Fellowship, it’s kind of a big deal. The Creative Workforce Fellowship is a program of the Community Partnership for Arts & Culture, made possible by the generous support of Cuyahoga County citizens through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.

Brian is an artist that will continue to make our world even more beautiful.  We hope you will surround yourself with his art, we do, and it always makes us smile. Learn more about Brian Jasinski and Grey Cardigan.