All You Can’t Eat

“All you can’t eat” is based on the simple observation that lots of restaurants offer meals in such huge portions that people either can’t eat them all or finish them only because they simply don’t want to leave food on their plate.

Ogilvy & Mather saw this as an opportunity to help people and restaurant owners in Dusseldorf stop feeling bad about overeating or  wasting food in this way and do something positive instead.

They approached local restaurants and invited them to place an “All You Can’t Eat” sticker on dishes commonly served in huge portions to let people know they could order a smaller portion for the same price. The money that the restaurant saved was then donated to the food bank.

This very simple but smart solution is helping lots of people in Düsseldorf feel better about themselves. Restaurants are wasting less food, people aren’t overeating just because they still have food on their plates and Düsseldorfer Tafel is getting a much needed cash injection that’s helping to feed over 7,000 hungry people every day.

There’s an opportunity for food banks all over the world to develop similar schemes to help feed the hungry in their communities.

All You Can’t Eat – When you can’t eat anymore, there’s someone who can.