American Noise

We stumbled upon “American Noise,” a documentary by Nokia Music and The Sundance Film Festival that reveals the emerging sounds of our nation. It’s a great series, and we’re looking forward to the future additions as the investigate the rest of the country.  It features:

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can also vote for the next city to be included in the series. Hint, hint, hint…VOTE CLE.

Watch all of the videos here.

From Nokia:

Each film will take place in a different city and showcase the new guard of young talentand unique sounds of American music today. Showcasing diverse genres: the strip clubs of Atlanta, the indie scene in Portland, genre mixing soul music from Detroit, the sensation of New Orleans’ sissy bounce, underground alternative rap culture in New York City, and electro music created in LA’s valley, each of the films will reveal cinematic portraits of distinct music sub cultures.