HFLA of Northeast Ohio Named Winner of shark&minnow’s #GivingTuesday Contest

In honor of #GivingTuesday, we hosted our 3rd Annual #sharkATTACK on November 28, choosing HFLA of Northeast Ohio to receive a day of complimentary strategy and marketing consulting services.

“Civic engagement is a core value of the firm and important to each employee,” says Eric Kogelschatz, shark&minnow Chief Strategy Officer. “#GivingTuesday is an expression of that spirit – a celebration of businesses and communities coming together to champion the causes they believe in.”

HFLA tasked shark&minnow with an articulated business challenge. By the end of the session the organization walked away with an Action Plan to empower it to turn the challenge into an opportunity.

Founded in 1904 with the vision of helping European refugees settle and begin productive lives in their newfound home country, HFLA of Northeast Ohio is the only interest-free lender supporting all Northeast Ohioans. The non-profit organization helps lenders overcome financial hurdles, pursue education and contribute to the economic development of the region.