#MadMenSuperBowl 2016 – First Take – Taco Bell Split Bill

Taco Bell did what most brands would do if they had $5 million and a new product to launch – create a star-studded Super Bowl commercial with athletes, musicians, movies stars and models. The spot featured the likes of James Harden and Neymar, and even made they hyperbole statement that the new product, the Quesalupa, was #biggerthan everything, including Tinder, drones and football itself.

Taco Bell even supported the product launch with a tease campaign featuring a series of ambiguous activities and pop-up events, and the ability to pre-order the product at www.ta.co. Our panel of judges might have panned their campaign had that been the extent of their efforts. Enter: The Hometown Hack.

During the commercial break just before the halftime show, Taco Bell surprised viewers in five markets with what we felt were extremely clever and hilarious local spots that were inspired by and featured “hometown heroes” in the following markets:

  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia

Norton Furniture: Cleveland, Ohio

“If you can’t get credit at Norton Furniture, you can’t get credit anywhere. And you never know what else you might find at Cleveland’s biggest furniture store.”



Fancy Ray: Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Turn your dusty old records into cold hard cash at Minneapolis’s own Treehouse Records. But take it from Fancy Ray, that’s not all that’s in store for you.”



Texas Law Hawk: Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas

“Hungry for justice? Call Bryan Wilson, The Texas Law Hawk! But justice isn’t the only thing in the grip of his talons.”



Mr. Appliance: Eugene, Oregon

“There’s no appliance like Mr. Appliance! Everyone in Eugene, Oregon, knows that. But they had no idea Mr. Appliance’s super abilities could do this.”



Mack Mack: Virginia Beach, Virginia

“The Auto Connection is a Virginia Beach car buyer’s best friend. And even if your credit is ruff ruff, Mack Mack’s got a treat for you.”


This localized approach nailed it, especially for the audiences in those five markets. Only thing that might have made it better in our eyes? Add Montgomery, Alabama.