Making Big Data Small

Living in a digital world, we track everything. From the miles we run with MapMyRun to calories burned with Nike+ to how we sleep with Jawbone Up. But that’s just the passive data generated from life, that doesn’t even begin to describe the mass amounts of data that fill our everyday lives, from stock prices, product sales, climate change and beyond. Data becomes even more cumbersome as we start to consider all the meta-data. However, data is amazing. We have the opportunity to track and monitor data, and then translate these complex data sets into valuable information that provide insight, and guide our future decisions and behavior. By making big data small, we can begin to see the world around us in new ways. Below are a few of our favorite TEDTalks that simplify big data and highlight the beauty of insight.

Hans Rosling

“The best stats you’ve ever seen.”

Deb Roy

“The birth of a word.”

Aaron Koblin

“Visualizing ourselves … with crowd-sourced data.”

Jean-Baptiste Michel & Erez Lieberman Aiden

“What we learned from 5 million books.”

David McCandless

“The beauty of data visualization.”

Shyam Sankar

“The rise of human-computer cooperation.”

Nate Silver

“Does racism affect how you vote?”

Jamie Heywood

“The big idea my brother inspired.”

Malte Spitz

“Your phone company is watching.”

Chris Jordan

“Turning powerful stats into art.”