Move to Cleveland

Recently we were approached by Joy Roller, President, Global Cleveland. Since meeting her upon returning to Cleveland 5 years ago, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her in different capacities (first while she worked at the Detroit Shoreway CDC when we were residents/began TEDxCLE in that area, then as she took the helm at emerging talent attraction organization Global Cleveland, next as she took the stage for TEDxCLE 2013 as our lead off speaker).

Joy has worked tirelessly to share her lessons from her own boomerang story with those outside of the area. As part of her organization’s 2014 efforts, she architected a video that aims to highlight exactly what it feels like to move to Cleveland & be a part of our amazing, creative, inspiring community. We were honored when she approached us to be involved & delighted to see the final outcome (we are in some great company!).

Enjoy this video & keep an eye out for your humble co-founders of shark&minnow & TEDxCLE!