TEDxCLE 2010 & Beyond…

Let’s just cut to the chase:  There will be a TEDxCLE 2011.  And it will be held on April 15th, 2011.

We would love to have you join us to celebrate tax day, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday (he would have been 558), and, most of all, great positive thinking from some of Cleveland’s best & brightest.

This year’s TEDxCLE 2010 event was a major success.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • The speakers’ talks were amazing.  Period.
  • The speakers inspired personal, positive change in those that attended (we’ve heard from several people that have said that they heard something that day that changed their life.  One attendee let us know that, 2 weeks after the event [where she was exposed to several stories about how our speakers turned their dreams into reality] she summonded the courage to quit her secure communications job and go back to school to pursue her true passion of becoming a nurse).
  • The speakers received lots of positive press (both mainstream + through various blogs), drawing attention to our region’s businesses/initiatives and in some cases generating capitol/support.
  • Our sponsors were extremely gracious in supporting our efforts:
  • Attendees were given the opportunity to continue discussion about the talks, ideas for continuing to revitalize the region, and even network with one another at the after party (held at Stone Mad pub).
  • Clevelanders and those outside of the area were exposed to positivity generating from the area.  And maybe, just maybe, it helped everyone see that things are happening here – there is a lot of momentum – and it’s a fantastic, vibrant place to live & work.

We are so excited to delve into planning and to organize TEDxCLE for the city.  It truly belongs to all of us.  In that spirit, we welcome any suggestions that you might have for potential speakers.  Please submit speaker suggestions via this form and sign-up for our email updates here.