The People’s University

Community Deficit Fighters

For more than 144 years, Cleveland Public Library has stood as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and opportunity for generations of Clevelanders, a progressive and pioneering institution that has helped shape our great city and its diverse neighborhoods.

While it’s exciting to see some areas of the city experiencing a renaissance, there remain barriers to a good, quality life in other areas. Cleveland Public Library calls obstacles, such as hunger, illiteracy, and unemployment: Community Deficits. And they are fighting these deficits at 22 neighborhood-based locations throughout our city.

As “The People’s University,” Cleveland Public Library embraces its responsibility to fight these deficits by taking a strong STEP for our community’s future and providing:

  • Safe places to learn all year round – Safety
  • Free access to all types of new technology – Technology
  • Extensive and inspirational communities of learning – Education
  • A commitment to capturing and honoring history – Preservation  

The Drum Major For Change

Felton Thomas is one of our communities greatest deficit fighters, having launched initiatives aimed at addressing community needs in the areas of technology, education, and economic development at CPL since he was appointed as the Director of the Cleveland Public Library in 2009. His vision for CPL is that of a strong leader in defining a more prosperous future for Cleveland by battling the digital divide, illiteracy, unemployment, and other community deficits with innovative programming and action at all branches.

Make sure you don’t miss Felton  speak at The City Club on October 16th at 5:30 p.m., where he will be sharing his vision for CPL and each STEP CPL will take as they get closer to their 150th Anniversary in 2019.