Time After Time

The heritage of Detroit is rooted in craftsmanship, quality and making the world move. Shinola, a watch factory, bicycle workshop and leather goods manufacturer has embraced this legacy, and redefined what manufacturing and Detroit mean to the world in the 21st century. The attention to detail is evident throughout the product portfolio, corporate culture and marketing communications. The aspirational, luxurious definition of the brand and beautifully crafted products are what attracts. However, it is the story of Shinola’s meticulous process and passionate craftsman that engage you, and this reinforces the idea that owning a product from Shinola does not only mean owning the most beautiful or greatest quality product, but also feeling the pride of Detroit and its people.

As described by Model D, “the Shinola headquarters is a cross between a hyper-secure intelligence agency and a post-industrial warehouse – containing the odd combination of a sterile watch production and handmade bicycle factory.” But odd, it is not. Watch this video from Shinola, and let them introduce you to Detroit.

Model D and Detroit Lives! documented an interview with Daniel Caudill, Shinola’s creative director.

Not too long ago, I noticed a full page ad in the New York Times featuring Shinola and the launch of The Runwell, an extremely limited, single edition of the first handmade watch from the Motor City.

New York Times - Shinola

Shinola exemplifies the beauty of industry, and glory of manufacturing.

Welcome to the new industrial revolution. Where America  is made.