Downie Photo Depth

Media Arts // Content & Design

The Client

Downie Photo is a high quality photography and video studio located in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio. The company takes pride in working with clients to help see their vision come to life through expertise and a developed style. The atmosphere at Downie is fast paced and hard working, but always fun. They do not capture pictures or video alone, but provide an experience and product that is unparalleled.

The Challenge

As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, many people do not know the potential of photography in advertising or marketing. Often, a photo shoot is requested for a singular purpose, such as professional headshots to be featured on a leadership website landing page or product shots to be featured in a brochure. Beyond this, what is the potential of a photo? Additionally, when the final deliverable is far more than a picture or video alone and provides greater depth to your brand, how do you communicate this advantage to prospective customers?

The Solution

Depth Magazine

Depth was created to showcase the creative work of Downie Photography. The content created supports the images by giving the reader further insight to the projects, process and personality behind the studio. The goal was to create a promotional piece that engaged its audience beyond a typical direct mail promotion. Depth invites the viewer to experience the imagery, learn about the subjects in front of the lens, and connect with the content in a formal magazine layout.