Ratner Montessori School

Motion & Sound // Brand Anthem Video

The Client

Late in her life, Lillian Ratner traveled to Italy to meet Maria Montessori. Lillian had developed an interest in the Montessori philosophy and, like the lifelong educator she was, Lillian decided she needed to go straight to the source to learn more. That meeting inspired a vision: a Montessori school in Cleveland that was grounded in universal Jewish values, but open to all. This vision came to fruition in 1963, when the Lillian Ratner Montessori School opened its doors. Under the guidance of board chair (and Lillian’s sister-in-law) Betty Ratner, the school grew and evolved, and here we are today, welcoming you to The Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School. The Ratner Montessori mission is to empower a diverse community of students to find joy in learning and to become their best selves.

The Challenge

While this project began as a means of demonstrating the value of a Montessori education – coupled with the warmth and community feel unique to The Ratner School – the project quickly took on new life in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

Once the Brand Video was complete, our team turned our attention to the roll out plan. The challenge became:
  1. How to off-site the in-person Benefit that was cancelled due to the virus, using the Brand Video as an anchor for a virtual experience for would-be attendees.
  2. An attract/retain strategy for students with a particular focus on augmenting Admissions efforts that would typically take place on-site, including a campus tour.


The consultative approach and embedded model employed by shark&minnow allowed us to adapt quickly, supporting our clients at The Ratner School through this highly unusual time.

Brand Anthem Video