We love Cleveland Public Library. One of the first events we went to when we moved to Cleveland in 2009 was an event at Cleveland Public Library for Neil Gaiman.

Then this year for TEDxCLE 2012: The Maker Class, we partnered with Cleveland Public Library (CPL) on #CLEBookHunt. It was exciting because we got to meet a lot of the staff members and learn more about the organization. This is when we heard about TechCentral. We were excited then, but seeing it in person surpassed all expectations!

CPL describes TechCentral as “an innovative technology and learning center” and that, it is. Head over to the main branch location yourself and see it in person. As soon as you walk in the library, you will find signs pointing you in the right direction to TechCentral in the Lower Level of the Louis Stokes Wing. Our favorite features of TechCentral are:

  1. Creative & Collaborative Environment: Finding a work environment with likeminded people is so important, it can be a source of great inspiration. People all over the world are searching for innovative, co-working environments; including cities like San Francisco, New York and Detroit. We have it right here in Cleveland, and it’s free.
  2. Education & Instruction: CPL hosts free public classes on a variety of digital technology topics to keep Clevelanders tech-savvy
  3. Tech ToyBox: This is where you can borrow an iPad 3, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, NOOK Color, or Samsung Galaxy Tablet and experience the device at home for one week
  4. 3D Printing: This is coming soon, but you will be able to load your 3D models and print objects in 3D with plastic “ink”
  5. Platforms: Whether you are a Mac or PC, there will be a computer for you with Windows, Mac and Linux computers
  6. WiFi: Slowly, but surely, places around Cleveland are starting to open up their WiFi to patrons, but it’s slower than we would like. However, at TechCentral, CPL made WiFi access open, so log onto the interwebs and enjoy.

Check out all of the other technology services CPL offers at TechCentral here. TechCentral changes the model of library systems around the country and world. And we have it right here in Cleveland.

For years, libraries have been about reading and learning, but now CPL is adding a new element to that, and taking the experience of learning to the next step. That is, taking all of those creative ideas that we think of while learning and providing the platform to create those ideas. So visit TechCentral and…

Read. Learn. Experience. Innovate. Create.