GroundWorks DanceTheater

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The Client

By 1990 the Cleveland Ballet was the fourth-largest ballet company in the United States, and the largest one that was a co-venture between two cities (San Jose). However, in 2000, the Cleveland base of operations closed, and the ballet began operating exclusively in San Jose until its closure in 2016. For many, this ended the culture of dance in Cleveland. But not for David Shimotakahara who founded GroundWorks DanceTheater in 1999. GWDT is nationally recognized for making a unique contribution to the art form and enriching human experiences through the creation of original contemporary dance and educational programs.

The Challenge

In honor of its 20th year, GroundWorks DanceTheater wanted to celebrate the company’s anniversary and thank the “insiders” that have supported the company throughout its history.

The Solution

in[FORM] Magazine

Original. Boundary-Pushing. Visionary. And New.

This is the GroundWorks DanceTheater experience that audiences, guest artists and company members have experienced over the past 20 years. Through the creation of new dance as well as the construction of educational programs that engage and enliven the community, thee company has worked hard to earn a reputation of excellence. And action. in[FORM] magazine chronicles this experience in a completely original, beautifully executed publication written and designed by shark&minnow.