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Non-Profit Organizations

Strategy and design solutions for organizations that further social causes and provide a public benefit

The Economic Outlook

Encompassing a spectrum including small private foundations and large public charities, nonprofit organizations are deeply ingrained in the fabric of American society and economy. These entities operate with a distinct purpose or cause, prioritizing the welfare of the public rather than generating profits for owners or shareholders. Nonprofits provide diverse services spanning education, healthcare, social services, arts and humanities, and religion. They also exhibit considerable variation in terms of size and reach, ranging from local charities to expansive international organizations. While the majority of nonprofits are smaller in scale, with nearly one million organizations earning annual revenues below 50,000 U.S. dollars, 63,118 organizations are earning annual revenues between one and 4.9 million U.S. dollars.

Moving Forward

In 2022, the average one-time and monthly donations to non-profit organizations in the United States were $121 and $25, respectively, and it is predicted that this will decrease in 2023. As many non-profits lower fundraising expectations for 2023 due to consumer behavior evolving to alleviate the effects of inflation and the looming recession, so must the strategies of non-profit organizations.

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