Practice Area


Manufacturers, Regional Dealer Associations & Local Retail Dealerships

The Economic Outlook

Since the 2008 recession, U.S. vehicle sales have followed an upward trajectory up to an all-time record of 17.5 million vehicles in 2016. However, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic decreased sales significantly, 14.5 million in 2020 and 14.9 million in 2021.

Moving Forward

As we collectively emerge from the pandemic and looming recession into a new economic reality, automotive value chains will become more flexible, distributed and nimble with a greater focus on transparency, performance and reliability.

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Industry Expertise

Automotive: Manufacturers, Regional Dealer Associations & Local Retail Dealerships

With a combined 40+ years of experience in automotive marketing – this industry is a part of the company’s DNA. The firm has envisioned, enacted and enabled many brands for organizations throughout the country and across the globe.

We have a deep passion for automotive manufacturers, regional dealer associations and local retail dealerships, and the facets that make this industry world-class.


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